How many types of slot games can you find in online casinos?

You can find a range of slot types online, all designed to give you hours of entertainment. Here’s a guide to the main slots genres you’re likely to come across on your games journey.

Classic slots
Classic slots are the most common type of online slot machine at 747 live, but they offer a lot of variety in terms of features and functionality. Some classic slots have one payline while others have multiple paylines. Some have wild symbols or scatter symbols which can help players win big prizes. Other classic slots may feature bonus games, free spin rounds and other types of bonuses that make it more fun to play this type of game over others available online today.

Video slots
Video slots are similar in many ways to traditional slot machines found at land-based casinos today, but they also offer some unique features such as video clips from movie scenes or television shows that trigger when certain combinations on the reels are hit during gameplay sessions lasting anywhere from thirty seconds up until three minutes depending on which version(s) you choose from among several options available from different developers who specialize in creating these types of experiences for players

Progressive slots
The best online slots are progressive slots. These feature the highest jackpots, with more money up for grabs in each spin compared to other slot machines. They also allow players to win a share in the progressive prize pool, which is shared with any player who can match 3 or more like symbols on their line of reels. In addition, many progressive slots have life-changing prizes at stake and big cash prizes are regularly won at random.

Mobile slots
Games that are played on mobile devices have become extremely popular in recent years and slots are no exception. Due to their simplistic nature, slot games can be easily ported to a handheld device; allowing players to enjoy the game anywhere they go.