The best online slots guide: Learn the rules and symbols of slot machines

Slots are all about chance. That’s why they’re so popular. Below we will introduce you how to play online slots and what the symbols in the slots games mean.

How To Play Online Slots?
The rules of online slots are fairly simple. There are three reels, each with five symbols on them. You need to select which symbols you want, then spin them for as many times as you like until the game ends. The more times you spin a reel at an online casino, such as 747live, the higher chance there is that it will land on a winning combination. If it does land on one of these combinations then all three reels will stop spinning at once and pay out based on how much money has been betted so far (and any bonuses).

What is the symbols for online slots?
The symbols that appear on the reels are one of the key features of slots, and they can give you payouts or even trigger special features.

The most common slot machine symbols are:

  • Wilds – these are wildcards that can take the place of any other symbol on the grid to help create winning combinations.
  • Scatters – these don’t have to be part of any line-up to trigger a payout; instead, you just need one or more on the grid when it comes time to pay out.
  • Multipliers – these increase your winnings significantly as long as you’ve got more than one on the grid at once.
  • Bonus symbols – these act like wildcards but also give you extra chances of winning big jackpots!

This is an introduction to online slots, which you can find in any online casino, like casino. Start trying out this exciting and fun casino game today.